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Release the leader within you

Leadership involves positively influencing others through relationships.True leadership is all about serving.


My name is Mark and I am the Director at Leaderfull.

I’m a dynamic and creative leader, motivated by wanting to see others develop as leaders and have a positive influence on those around them.

I’ve grown more in my life through mistakes than successes and have a hunger to keep on learning.

I love reading, good food and exploring the outdoors!



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This book is a treasure trove of tools for those aspiring to lead their private and public organisations to success. It is a must-read.

     – Business CEO

If you are just starting out on your leadership journey or aren’t sure whether you really want to take on that first leadership role you’ve been offered, this book is for you 

     – Leadership Trainer and Coach

“I’m not a leader” is simply brilliant.

     – Headteacher

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These are the things that shape how I work


Insight instead of information 

Leading with clarity drives purpose, energising you and the people you lead.


Character before ability 

Leading with integrity will fuel trust and foster lasting relationships.


Sacrifice and service 

Leading with integrity will fuel trust and foster lasting relationships.


These are the three groups of people I most enjoy working with


But I’ve not got what it takes to be a leader

Helping you to discover your uniqueness, so that the leader within you can be released. 


“But I’ve lost confidence and credibility”

Helping you to restore an unshakable identity and build on past failures and mistakes. 


“But I’m anxious about an unknown future”

Helping develop the next generation to lead with humility, resilience and inspiration. 

Who are you taking responsibility to develop?


Here are some examples of the sorts of areas I could help you with


Learning to celebrate who you are and discover the unique contribution you can make – so often this involves overcoming the destructive power of unfavourable comparison with others. 


Helping you to grow in self-awareness and develop the ability to better understand others. This will help you play to your strengths, become aware of your blindspots and communicate more effectively with others.


Helping you find ‘your voice’ – so that you can communicate with confidence in ways that are clear, memorable and transformative.   


The missing half of communication: absolutely necessary but often overlooked. Developing a posture of patience and curiosity that will help you listen to understand, rather than simply listen to respond.  


Helping you become someone who embraces healthy conflict by respecting and listening to others and remaining calm under pressure. 


Encouraging you to regularly ‘get out of your box’ and expose yourself to new environments, ideas, and approaches. This will help ensure you keep on developing.


Helping you make the most of every opportunity to train and support others. This will help ensure people-development is your priority.

Leadership is not a position but an attitude.

It’s a journey we can all walk together.


“Mark has run leadership training for our teams in Swaziland. We benefit immensely from his friendship, expertise and support.”

– Charity Chairman

“Mark has supported our team through group and individual coaching. The difference in the team as a result has been profound. He is adept at skilfully assessing the root cause of what someone is saying and supporting them to come to the same realisation as independently as possible. He provides a perfect balance of personal experience and humour, alongside empathy and listening. The way he has communicated and energised the team has been remarkable.”

     – Head Teacher

“As Mark coaches me, I see each leadership skill he mentions being practised by him. I always get the sense that we are journeying together and I’m encouraged to know that leadership isn’t an unattainable goal but an achievable, ongoing practice.”

     – Young Person

“I have known Mark for many years. In this time, he has grown in humility and displayed tremendous fortitude in overcoming setbacks and challenges.

He has a big heart for serving and bringing out the best in others and has been one of the most consistent people in my own life. This is rare.”

     – Mentor and friend

“Dad takes me on the best adventures!

– Son


A fantastic Business and a wonderful Charity that I work closely with

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Raising orphaned children to become the future leaders of Swasiland

Child sponsorship, education, fund-raising, volunteering, business partnership.

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